Benefits of frankincense essential oil for face

Benefits of frankincense essential oil for face

how to use frankincense essential oil for face

Frankincense essential oil is getting from the distilled resin of the Frankincense that is dried. These trees are found in the Middle East and some regions in Africa. This oil gets this name from the specific term “franc encens,” that means in French “high-quality incense”. Frankincense essential oil is more considerable oil as compare to other types of incense oils. It has a very strong aroma that will give a woody effect with a fruity shade.

Types of Frankincense Oils:

The frankincense essential oil has many other types that are used in different ways from ancient times. The main source, where they get different varieties of essential oils is Boswellia trees, the different varieties of this tree are the result of other types of essential oils. All the different types of frankincense essential oils have different biochemical effects and chemistries. In this way, all the types are providing different health benefits though the source of the essential oil is the same.

Let’s talk about the two most essential and beneficial types of frankincense essential oil and these are as follow:

  1. Frankincense carterii:

It is the most famous and useable type of the essential oil range. If we talk about the aroma, it has a very smooth, citrus and sweet smell that is very helpful in calming the mind and the body. It also has immune-boosting advantages. It is also used for the restoration and regeneration of the skin. It can also cure the skin damage that happened because of UV rays. It can help in reducing scars, rejuvenates skin and also removes acne marks.

  1. Frankincense frereana:

It is another prominent frankincense basic oil types. It is sourced for the most part from the more rugged districts of Somalia. The trees in charge of creating this assortment quite often develop at high elevations. Changing the synthetic cosmetics of these oils only enough to makes them not the same as different alternatives.

Frankincense oil benefits for skin and other internal functions:

Frankincense oil has many benefits that are relat5ed with the skin, internal and mental health. These benefits are as follow:

  1. Frankincense essential oil is using in different therapies, especially in aromatherapy because it has comforting and seductive smell gives the strength and freshness to the respiratory system.

  2. Frankincense essential oil has a few properties that can help to prevent anxiety.

  3. Frankincense essential oil can stimulate the immune system.

  4. Frankincense essential oil can dissolve the anti-aging signs.

  5. Frankincense essential oil is used in different skin care cosmetics and many medicines.

  6. Frankincense essential oil can help in reducing surface and flying bacteria.

  7. Frankincense essential oil can make thinner the blood also.

The benefits of the Frankincense essential oil are many but this oil also has different types, let’s have a look.

Frankincense oil benefits for skin:

  1. It can heal skin:

There are many frankincense oil benefits for skin and one of them is, it can heal the skin very fast. The dead skin or any tissue that damage because of aging or other dry skin problems, it will help them to heal fast. It has many other skin benefits that are as included:

  1. The ability to strengthen skin

  2. improve skin tone

  3. improve the elasticity

  4. provide defense mechanisms against bacteria

  5. anti-aging agent

  1. It can help to prevent the signs of aging:

According to the research, frankincense oil can reduce redness and irritation from the skin. It will also lightning the skin tone and stop uneven tone as well. The studies also suggest that frankincense oil has pentacyclic triterpene structure or in easy language steroid type structure that is the main source of removing the irritation from the skin.

Frankincense essential oil is also providing a wide range of anti-aging benefits. This oil is capable of many skin solutions like:

  1. eliminating wrinkles

  2. reducing the appearance of scars

  3. clearing up acne

  4. reduce blemishes

  5. fading stretch marks

  6. healing cracked skin

In short, this essential oil has all the best skin benefits.

  1. It can reduce scars and pimples:

People are dealing with many skin issues, especially females often become a victim of scars, pimples, and dry skin, etc. the Frankincense essential oil can solve all these skin issues and make the skin refresh and healthy. After the delivery, many females also deal with the unwanted birthmarks or stretch skin marks, this essential oil will also remove these marks from the skin. It can also heal the cracks and dry skin.

  1. It can provide defense mechanisms against bacteria:

Another frankincense oil benefits for skin is that it can provide a defense mechanism against bacteria. The aging process and bad skin issues are also solved with this oil but the skin also has many other issues that happen because of bacterial infection in the skin. After regular use of this essential oil can help in preventing bacteria from the skin and will make it healthy.

Moreover, if you want to improve your skin tone, use this oil and make your skin clean and lighter. It also has many other health-related benefits that are indirectly related to skincare.

How to use frankincense oil on face:

After some benefits now, it is the time to elaborate on how to use frankincense oil on face? You can use frankincense oil on face in the following ways:

  1. Use it during a bath in different ways:

The frankincense oil with the combination of other essential oils altogether can be using it as home-made anti-aging facial serums. You can also add a few drops of this oil in the bathtub and it will relax your mind and also reduce the stress. This oil is also used in several shampoos because of its tonic properties; you can also use it on your hair and make them strong.

  1. Make a home-made cleanser for your face:

You can make a natural cleaner for your kin at home. It will provide defense against indoor and outdoor environment especially your skin will keep safe from the attack of bacteria.


Frankincense oil benefits for skin are many and they effectively help in many ways. Now, it’s your turn to decide how to use frankincense oil on the face, you can also get many other ways to use it on your face.

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