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Low Carb / Keto Diet
Low Carb aswell known as Ketogenic Diet is one of the most Popular Diets. We Show you What Low Carb is and show you its Benefits and Side Effects.
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Low Fat Diet
The name of this diet is self-explanatory. Are you interested in the Benefits of a Low Fat Diet and how it improves cancer, diabetes and heart diseases
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Food Combining Diet
Get All the information about the Food Combining Diet you need
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Paleo Diet
Geto to the Paleo Diet and learn all you need from it
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effective diets to lose weight in a healthy way

What is Keto Diet

Ketogenic diet permits the body to produce “ketones”. Ketone is a small fuel molecule which is an alternative source of energy for your body when glucose in short supply. Is ketogenic diet sounding a bit complex? Don’t worry! We are simplifying this thing for you.
When you consume foods which are rich in carbs, your body produces Insulin and Glucose. Glucose is used as the main fuel source of energy whereas Insulin processes glucose to spread over the body through the bloodstream.
Since Glucose is being used by your body as the main source of energy, your fats are of no use and remain stored. As a result, it is fattening you and increasing your body weight. To resolve this matter, Ketogenic diet emerges.
By consuming low carb foods, you can take your body into a new state which is known as ketosis. In this state, your body tends to produce ketones by breaking down the fats in the liver. This is how you lose your extra body weight.

Health Benefits of Keto (Low Carb) Diet

While relying on keto, there are numerous advantages that you will have. Let’s have an in-depth look on the benefits of Keto diet-

1. Ketogenic weight loss:

As it is said earlier that Keto diet uses body fat to fuel your body cells, it obviously plays a big role losing your weight. Since the level of your insulin in your body while following this diet drops dramatically, your body is turned into a fat burning monster.

2. Increase mental performance:

Ketogenic diet increases your mental performance in an effective way. Ketones are considered to be very effective for brain cells. It’s a great source of fuel for the human brain. Ketones help to store fatty acids in brain cells. And this results in increasing our brain’s function.

3. Good for Acne:

You will notice an exhilarating result if you switch to a keto diet. A broaden study shows that the rate of lesions and inflammation of skin drop significantly while following this diet.

Risk of Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic diet or keto diet known in general terms can be safe for a short period of time. Dr. Barclay states that this diet should not be recommended to people for a long span of time. Cutting down carbs for a really long time can cause malnutrition.

Carbohydrate is an essential nutrient in the body for energy whereas, carb is the only source from where our brain, kidney, nervous system and red blood cells gain energy from. Cutting down carbs can be dangerous and the problems related to it can last for a long time. if you intend to lose weight you can follow ketogenic diet but consult your doctor first.

Ketogenic diet is beneficial for weight loss and if you are someone who is suffering from obesity then you should definitely try your level best to follow it. But the point to keep in mind is that you should definitely consult your doctor while starting a diet plan. Our guide is an outline of how you must start your diet but before you start following it consider all the benefits and drawback as well.

effective diets to lose weight in a healthy way

What is a Low Fat Diet

The name of this diet is self-explanatory. This diet directs the followers to reduce the intake of fat that a person is allowed to consume throughout the day. The low-fat diet is useful for reducing weight but this diet should be followed for a short period of time. Experts say that this diet might not bring the desired results if it is followed for a long period of time.
The low-fat diet is mainly about making healthy choices. If you think of reducing the intake of fat, then surely of the notion that you are not following the diet is the correct way. Whereas, Dr. Dana. S. Simpler states that you will have to replace fat with healthy alternatives. For instance, you can substitute beans for steak and flavored vinegar instead of oil and vinegar for salad.

Low-Fat Diet and Cancer

There is no strong evidence that a low-fat diet can cure or cause cancer. But a theory of the 1970s suggests that high-fat foods can increase the risk of cancer. There are many people who believe in this theory though the results are still mixed.
On the other hand, a study by Women Healthy Eating and Living have shown that low and eating healthy foods like vegetables and fruits have reduced the risk of cancer and even improved the health conditions of women who are suffering from breast cancer.

Low-Fat Diet and Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is one of the most popular diseases in the United States. It is hampering the daily lifestyle of people. Diabetes is a result of the unhealthy eating habits of people. In order to overcome unhealthy eating habits, people can switch to a low-fat diet.
During the low-fat diet, people tend to intake foods that are filled with fiber and good nutrition. Moreover, this helps to control the blood sugar level. Moreover, it even helps in maintaining weight as well. We cannot skip the fact that obesity is one of the major reasons behind diabetes.

Low-Fat Diet And Heart Diseases

The intake of saturated fat leads to high cholesterol level and even increases the risk of heart diseases. But this isn’t the case with a low-fat diet. This diet mainly promotes the intake of fresh veggies and fruits and this helps in reducing the bad cholesterol levels.
Many people who are suffering from heart diseases are advised to follow low-fat diets in order to reduce the risk of further life-threatening dangers. Foods To Avoid
 Grains: Popcorn, Regular Crackers, Chips

effective diets to lose weight in a healthy way

What is a Food Combining Diet

Willow Jarosh, a food dietician states that food combination diet restricts the intake of carbohydrates with protein and allows fruits to be consumed alone. Whereas there are many dieticians who suggest the intake of carbohydrate with proteins but this isn’t the case with food combination diet. Moreover, this diet does not promote overly complicated eating.

If you think that Food Combination Diet is a new weight loss technique, then you are wrong. Because if you perform intense research, then you will surely come across the fact that the Ancient Ayurvedic Diet exhibits some of the major principles of food combination. Moreover, the Ancient Ayurvedic Diet dates back to 1920s.

On the other hand, a well-known physician William Howard Hay described this type of diet during the 1920s and named it as Hay Diet. According to this diet, there are three groups of food, namely acid alkaline and neutral. Acid food (that is seafood, meat, and protein-rich foods) and alkaline foods (such as carbohydrate and starchy foods) cannot be combined together. Moreover, he believed that his combination of good would benefit follows in order to lose weight and improve health.

How Does it Work

There is no rocket science involved in the working of the food combination diet. It is basically very easy and anyone can easily follow it. If you have a look at the North American diet, then you will surely figure out that it typically contains meat and starch. For instance, a turkey sandwich or egg and bacon for the meals. Whereas, this pattern of food is highly discouraged in food combination diet as you can never consume proteins with carbohydrate.

People who follow the food combination diet believe that when the wrong combination of food is consumed then there are surely problems with digestion. Moreover, when indigestion occurs, then the food in the stomach rots or ferments. As a result, it leads to weight gain or physical illness. To avoid this condition various combinations of foods are designed for better health and weight loss. However, there are various combinations of food combination diet but the general rule stays the same all the time.

Common Rules of Food Combination

The combination of food might differ from one meal to another but there are some common rules that always remain constant in Food Combination Diet. They are as follows:

  • Only eat fruits when your stomach is empty
  • Do not combine acidic foods with starches
  • Do not combine proteins with starches
  • Do not combine proteins that are of different types
  • Always consume dairy products when your stomach is empty.

Final Thoughts about Food Combination Diet

As mentioned earlier, the principles of this diet are not complicated or based on science. Whereas, the main claim of this diet is that the wrong food combinations can lead to drastic health issues.

Moreover, if the rules of this diet suit you then you can surely continue with the diet and end up having amazing results. But always bear in mind that you should always consult with your doctor about any major changes that you wish to make with your diet plan.

effective diets to lose weight in a healthy way

What is a Paleo Diet

First things first, the paleo diet has a simple definition: consume those foods that were available to our ancestors during the Paleolithic Age. Refined grains, processed foods, cereals should be kept away from the table while you are following this diet. Whereas, your plate should always be filled with fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and meats.
The main objective of this diet is to fill the tummy with foods that our body is designed to eat. On the other hand, you should skip the processed foods the bore with them harmful diseases and health problems.
Studies have shown that a proper paleo eating habit can lead to improvements in a number of health problems like enhance weight loss, reduces inflammation and many other health complications.
The idea of the paleo diet was first introduced by Walter Voegtlin in his book “The Stone Age Diet” in the year 1975. After a decade two researchers named, Melvin Konner and Stanley Boyd publish a paper on this particular diet. This research paper has marked the foundation of the paleo diet that we now know.
Since the last five to six years paleo diet has acquired the attention of most people. In the year 2013, it has been ranked as the most searched weight loss method on Google. Paleo diet still remains the most popular diet and people love following this because of its eating flexibility and health benefits. 

Health Benefits of Paleo Eating

  • Promotes Weight Loss
    Weight loss is one of the benefits of the paleo diet. However, it has been proven that many people lose a significant amount of weight while they decide to skip processed foods.
    The paleo eating habit boosts the weight loss mechanism. The foods that people consume during the paleo diet contain proteins and healthy fats. As a result, it reduces your appetite and increases satiety. On the other hand, keep in mind that weight loss by paleo diet varies from one person to another and it also depends on many factors as well.
  • High Amount of Protein
    A good amount of proteins is very important for overall health. Protein helps in rebuilding tissues, healing wounds, building muscle mass and normalizing blood sugar level. Lack of protein can have a drastic effect on health.
    For example, it can decrease immunity, lower concentration level, and slow down healing capacity. While you are on paleo eating you will gain a sufficient amount of protein.
  • Reduces Inflammation
    The foods in the paleo diet list consist of anti-inflammatory properties. Veggies and fruits are rich in antioxidants and that helps in neutralizing the harmful radicals that are responsible for contributing inflammation in the body.
    On the other hand, seeds and nuts consist of high anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids. Reducing inflammation is even beneficial in reducing symptoms of autoimmune conditions such as ulcerative colitis, lupus or rheumatoid arthritis.

Risk of the paleo diet

Paleo diet not only has benefits but it even has some risks as well. Following paleo diet means cutting out whole food groups and this will surely help in weight loss. But this diet might take you to the verge of missing out on key nutrients.
Some experts do not recommend the paleo diet because it demands in eliminating the dairy products. As a result, the follower of the paleo diet will surely face calcium deficiency and lack of vitamin D. Over the period of time, you could even face the risk of bone fracture, rickets, and osteoporosis.
Experts like Hyman worry about the fact that this diet is a meat-centric diet. As a consequence, many followers can follow it as an excuse to eat more meat and very few plant-based foods. The intake of more and more meat can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Youdim says that consuming red meat means the intake of saturated fat and as a result, it can lead to a rise in blood cholesterol and risk of heart diseases.Wh