What are Health Benefits of Organic Food

Till now, we have discussed organic food. But what exactly made this food beneficial is still the question in hand. So let’s put on our analytical glasses and scroll through the benefits of organic food. Organic food is great for health, yes we admitted, but how?

  • Fewer Pesticides:

Organic food is equal to zero herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. These pesticides are declared to be lethal for children and foetus. The excessive use of pesticides leads to the weak immune system. Sometimes, congenital disabilities, and heightened risk of cancer among consumers. So, with organic food, we can avoid all the risks mentioned above attached to the use of pesticides.

  • Fresher Than Regular One:

The regular, non-organic food contains preservatives that enable it to last longer. As organic food does not contain any preservatives, so, there is no other way than to supply fresh. You can find organic food being prepared on small farms near the market to be supplied fresh.

  • Better Environment:

According to a popular belief, organic food is beneficial for the environment as well. But the question is again how? Well, organic food cut the use of pesticides. Thus, protect the natural environment from pollution and health hazards. Inorganic food preparation, we pay more attention to enhance the fertility of the soil. Thus, conserving water and avoiding soil erosion.

  • Safe Livestock Options:

In a non-organic environment, animal by-products, antibiotics, and hormones to breed livestock. The use of animal by-products enhances the risk of mad cow diseases in the livestock. Thus posing severe health hazards in consumers as well. While organically breed livestock does not rely on antibiotics or chemicals. Instead, use the natural environment for healthy growth.

  • Excessive Supply Of Nutrients:

Some people believe that organic food supplies more nutrients as compared to non-organic. According to a study in 2016, researchers found a 50% higher level of omega three fatty acids in organically obtained milk and meat.

  • GMO-free food:

GMO is the abbreviation of a genetically modified organism. No doubt, non-organic foods available in the market are becoming increasingly genetically modified. This is a threat to our overall health and can cause us severe diseases. But you don’t need to worry about organic food! These are GMO-FREE and ensure you a healthy consumption.

  • Stronger, and More Energetic:

Another great benefit of consuming organic food is it contains more nutrients. So, it is powerful and offers more energy. No pesticides, no chemicals, and no preservatives! So includes smaller risk of diseases, illnesses, and disorders. That is mean eating organically is far better than consuming unhealthy junk food.

  • Protects from Cancer:

Do you know eating organically can help you prevent cancer? Yes, you have heard it right. According to medical research, organic foods are amazing because of these help in the fight against cancer. Yes, and reduce the symptoms and causes of cancer. The reason is organic food doesn’t contain carcinogens. That can be responsible for tumor formation in your body.

  • Promotes Good Health:

Organic food does contain chemical fertilizers, and so doesn’t affect the human body. If we don’t consume chemical fertilizers, and toxins then no doubt we can wish to live some more healthy years.

  • Strengthens Immune System:

No doubt, when we consume food loaded with pesticides, we are actually putting our bodies at risk of getting diseases. The regular consumption of non-organic foods can make our immune system weak. It can lead to an increasing number of birth mortality symptoms. Also, sexually dysfunctional, and various other kinds of diseases. So it is important to avoid the consumption of non-organic foods. The reason is it reduces our ability to fight back against allergens.

  • Promotes Heart Health:

Well, it believes that when the cattle graze on grass for a longer period, it then increases the level of CLA (Conjugate Linoleic Acid). That considers the best for heart health. 

  • Organic food is filling:

Another great advantage of eating healthy is it keeps us filled. Yes, as compared to processed food, we feel less hunger when consuming organic food. It keeps us satisfied. So it depends on us for what option we like to go for. No doubt, organic food is the best to feel full and contented all the time. And surely you spend less amount of buying food.  

  • Rich Anti-Oxidants:

Do you know organic foods rich antioxidant properties which help us in detoxification? Yes, organic food is the best choice to get antioxidants and help them to work better in the body for good results. As we know, organic foods are free from chemicals. However, that are otherwise can easily be found in non-organic products. Organic foods play an important role in a healthier life. These help us prevent cancer, heart diseases, and many other problems. So are you connived now?

  • Promoting Animal Welfare:

Do you know organic growing practices not only benefit us but also the animals? Yes, in conventional practices, the damage incurs to our health. Also, to environment and animals. Because a lot of pesticides and chemicals are used and animals are forced to graze in the same infected land. Thus, this practice can threaten their lives. Also, when we eat a caged animal, we are actually ingesting fight or flight hormones that release in its moments of terror. So it is important to eat organically raised food.  

We hope the mentioned above benefits have helped you understand, “what are benefits of organic food?”