Iqos the Future of alternative Smoking

Iqos the Future of alternative Smoking

iqos alternative smoking

The conventional way of smoking cigarettes is gradually becoming infrequent after the introduction of Iqos device. Recently, the FDA also referred to as food and drug administration allowed the sale of Iqos in the American market. Even though the product is meant to be much modern and different than the usual cigarettes, it is still regulated by the laws and restrictions that govern cigarettes. Since its proper initialization, Iqos has managed to attract more than 7.2 million customers. The number is expected to rise due to the Iqos effect that can be felt all over the USA and other countries. It is considered to be an alternative smoking method that is both hygienic and safe.

What is Iqos?

So what is Iqos? This is an electronic device that heats tobacco or heatsticks to produce an inhalable aerosol. Iqos is also known as a heat-not-burn device. Philip Morris International develops Iqos and distributes to consumers throughout the United States and other countries. Atlanta was among the first places that Iqos was stocked for sales purposes soon after Phillip Morris was given the go-ahead to produce and sell Iqos cigarettes by FDA. The Phillip Morris International company partners with Marlboro and Altria who are tasked in the production of the tobacco sticks used in Iqos devices. These tobacco sticks come in menthol only, and this means that there are no other flavors available.
The Iqos devices are expected to help people quit smoking, although this claim is yet to be verified given that the product still contains an addictive substance called nicotine. According to Phillip Morris, Iqos is a better alternative smoking method that minimizes the effects caused by conventional cigarettes. Since Iqos was allowed to the market, several research notes have been made on the product to ascertain the claims made by the CEO. The information below will talk about some benefits of Iqos as well as some of the risks the electronic cigarettes pose. You will thus be able to know if the product is safe or not.

Is It a safe alternative smoking method?

The question of whether Iqos is a safe alternative smoking method is still debatable. This is because numerous facts have been put across with an intent to either agree or disagree with the statement. It is, however, true that Iqos is much safer than cigarettes. This is because users have a lower risk of getting cancer and other related diseases as compared to the usual cigarettes. Despite these findings, the FDA is yet to categorize Iqos as a minimal risk alternative smoking method. It has also been noted that the main purpose of introducing Iqos to the market is to help those people who are currently smoking addicts to quit cigarettes. This is yet to be proved since Iqos has only been around for a short time.
As the product usage persists, clear findings are expected to be made, and within no time, it will be clear whether Iqos is a safe alternative smoking method or not. Meanwhile, you can compare the benefits and risks of Iqos cigarettes to come up with an idea if it a safe alternative to the usual smoking method since the electronic cigarette is treated as normal cigarettes when it comes to the rules and regulations including restrictions. You should note that smoking Iqos is not permitted to those people who are yet to attain the legal smoking age.

Benefits of Iqos Cigarettes

Since its introduction to the American market, Iqos has managed to appeal to different people. The number of users is gradually rising, and this can be credited to the several benefits Iqos has brought with it. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Iqos erases the dangers of causing accidental fires According to findings, what makes Iqos one of the best alternative smoking method, is that it doesn’t require
    heat to be smoked. This means that you don’t have to worry about accidental fires or the hot ash burning your valuables while you are smoking. According to research, cigarette smoking around the world causes about one million fires every year. These fires are said to be caused by children who get access to the lighters left behind or misplaced by conventional cigarette smokers. With Iqos, you don’t need lighters or matchsticks to smoke. This means that there is no heat produced and so there is no risk of causing accidental fires or accidentally burning your valuables. This shows that Iqos cigarettes is a very safe alternative smoking method.
  2. It is a hygienic method of smoking Hygiene is a crucial factor, especially when it comes to you as an individual. Since Iqos doesn’t produce ash when smoking, consider your hygiene taken care of adequately. With Iqos cigarettes, you no longer have to worry about ash dropping on your clothes or living room when smoking. You also don’t have to waste too much time emptying your ashtray whenever it gets filled. All you have to do is enjoy your Iqos cigarette while maintaining your cleanliness.
    Also, under personal hygiene, you will avoid problems such as staining of teeth that are caused by smoking tobacco. Your lips will also be safe from burning, a common situation that cigarette smoking individuals tend to face more often. Your breath will not be affected, and the tobacco smell that smokers tend to have will no longer be an issue. This is because the vapour produced by Iqos has menthol scent, which much more appealing.
  3. It is environmental friendly It is no doubt that Iqos cigarette is environmentally friendly. This is because once you are done smoking, you put it in your pocket and go about your business. Conventional cigarettes, on the other hand, requires you to dump the cigarette butt after smoking. This means that you get too untidy the environment without your knowledge. According to research, a total of 2.3 million cigarettes are dumped after each minute. In a year, approximately 5 trillion cigarette butts are disposed of. This is equivalent to 2 billion pounds of trash. Considering that cigarette butts decompose after 10 years to 15 years, it means that smoking Iqos instead of the usual cigarettes is much safer to the environment.
  4. The product is less toxic One of the main advantages of using Iqos is that it doesn’t produce smoke like conventional cigarettes. This is because the no heat technology produces vapour. It has been noted that the vapour produced is less toxic and lacks the carcinogenic compounds that usually lead to diseases such as cancer. It is thus true that with Iqos, the chances of contracting such diseases are minimal. It also limits the effects of passive smoking as opposed to the usual cigarettes. In the long run, those people using Iqos are not as vulnerable and exposed as those smoking cigarettes. It is by far the best way to enjoy smoking while limiting the effects that come with it.
  5. There is no smoke produced The smoke produced by cigarettes is usually a big problem both to an individual as well as the surrounding. Remember that this smoke causes tar that is known to be the main reason for your lungs blackening after some time. With Iqos, no smoke is produced, and this means that you don’t have to worry about tar. It is thus suitable to smoke while at home or in the comfort of your car without the risk of creating a smoke smelling environment. No one might even note that you smoke not unless you are seen doing it.

Risks of Iqos cigarettes

It has been noted that as much as Iqos is a great alternative smoking method, it doesn’t change the fact that every form of smoking comes with various risks. This means that smoking Iqos is still risky to an individual and should be avoided if possible. The likelihood that Iqos is related to will show whether this is just like any other cigarette with mild effects or not.

Some of the most common risks of Iqos cigarettes include:

  • Iqos is addictive As much as Iqos has proven to contain a huge number of advantages compared to the conventional cigarettes, it still has some similar effects that are exhibited by other usual cigarettes, and this includes its addictive nature. Among the many substances produced by Iqos is nicotine. This is an addictive substance that will make you get addicted to smoking. So unless verified, the claim that Iqos is a great way to quit cigarettes is still under doubts. That is why researchers have cautioned nonsmokers from smoking since they might end up getting addicted to smoking in the process.
  • Iqos may end up attracting the youth There are so many factors that might end up making iqos to attract many youths to start smoking. This is because the cigarette is very sleek. It hides all the signs that usually indicate that someone has been smoking. The smell is unavailable; the burnt lips, fingers, and staining of teeth are also eliminated. With this in mind, youth might find it to be a perfect gateway to smoking cigarettes undetected. At the end of the day, the number of youths smoking might end up rising. This is a risk that will be very hard to curb.
  • The product damages human cells Just like other cigarettes, Iqos comes with a health problem. It is known to damage cells on human lungs. The damage caused by Iqos can end up leading to certain lung diseases such as chronic pulmonary disease that is obstructive. This is because Iqos still contains some chemicals to a certain degree. These chemicals are what alters the lung tissues leading to such conditions. According to research, Iqos cigarettes can lead to scarring of the airway. This also leads to reshaping of the airway and the lungs.

From the above risks, it is noted that as much as Iqos reduces the effects of smoking cigarettes a great deal, it still has some risks. The risks are, however, minimal due to the reduced number of chemicals. It thus indicates that no matter the alternative smoking method you use, you will still end up suffering to an extent.

In a Nutshell

As mentioned above, Iqos is a very sleek electronic cigarette that makes use of heatsticks to provide you with the satisfaction of smoking cigarettes. Since its introduction to the public, Iqos has seen a huge number of people switching to the electronic cigarette. From the information above, it is true that Iqos comes with several benefits. The question of whether Iqos is a great alternative to the smoking method is yet to be established. More research is being done on the product to ascertain its incredibility in the market. It is, however hygienic, environmentally friendly, tasty, and very appropriate to anyone who wants something that has less physical effects.

IQos Review

Iqose review I have been a smoker for 15 years now. I smoke half a packet a day, and this has been going for quite some time. When I heard of Iqose, I was a little bit skeptic about the product. This is because I have seen so many electronic cigarettes that promised heaven but never delivered it. So I kept off for a while and continued with my daily dose of regular cigarettes. One day a friend of mine asked me to try Iqos, and I would say I found it somehow impressive. The menthol scent was great than that scent produced by these other cigarettes. So I continued smoking it.
After some time of using my friend’s Iqos device whenever he came to visit, I decided to get my very own Iqos cigarette. The fact is that my smoking habits have changed a great deal. All I do is smoke at most thrice a day. I no longer have to get out of the house to smoke, and no one ever suspects that I smoke. That alone is enough to keep me using the device. For the first time, I feel like there is a smoking gadget that is different from the rest.

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