What is the Function of Protein

Protein is very crucial in your nutrition for you to maintain good health. Proteins majorly function in the cells and they perform a wide range of functions. Here are some of the important functions of proteins.

  • Growth as well as Maintenance

For the body tissues to grow in a healthy way and at the same time remain well maintained, they need proteins. Although under normal circumstances, your body will break down the same level of proteins for repair and build-up of tissues, there are times when it will break down more. This happens when your body has more needs like during pregnancy, illness, and breastfeeding.

  • Proteins Act as a Messenger

Some types of proteins also act as hormones. This means that they can be sued as chemical messengers that help to aid with the communication channel between organs, cells and tissues.

These are made as well as secreted in the endocrine glands. Thereafter, they are transported through the blood to their destined target tissues. Here, hormones are bound to protein receptors that are on the surface of the cells. Most of the hormones in the body are made up of proteins as well as polypeptides.

  • They are responsible for biochemical reactions

Proteins could also be in the form of enzymes. Hence, they help with the various biochemical reactions in the body that take place either outside or within the cells. These enzymes come in structures that make it easy for them to combine with other forms of molecules in the cells.

This could be either substrate which is responsible for catalysing reactions that play a vital role in metabolism. More to that, enzymes could also play a role as digestive enzymes such as lactose or sucrose. Hence, enzymes are important during; blood clotting, digestion, production of energy and contraction of muscles.

  • Helps Maintain a Proper PH

Protein has a wide array of function in the body and one of the most vital roles is helping with the regulation of bases and acids in the body fluids and blood. The proper balance between bases and acids is usually measured using a PH scale.

A proper PH level is necessary for your body to function properly. And this is what most of the buffering systems in the body strive to achieve. That is because even the slightest change in the PH could be deadly.

  • It Bolsters Immune Health

Proteins are the major components that help to form immunoglobins as well as antibodies that help to fight infections in the body. This means that antibodies are just another form of proteins in the blood that help to protect the body from viruses and bacteria. The antibodies work by tagging any foreign bodies for elimination.

  • It Provides Energy

Proteins are a very good source of energy in the body. Actually, proteins contain the same amount of energy as carbs. However, your body will rarely use proteins as a source of energy.

That is because protein is widely used in the body for a lot more functions. This means that the protein will never be used as a source of energy unless during fasting when you have an inadequate intake of calories or during some exhaustive activities.

  • Balancing Fluid in the Body

Proteins are also great to regulate various processes in the body. This helps them to maintain a great balance in body fluids. They do so using globulin and albumin that help to maintain the balance of fluids in the body by retaining and attracting water.

Hence, with a considerable level of proteins in your blood, you will be able to maintain a balance of fluids between the surroundings and your blood.

What does your body do with proteins?

The health benefits of proteins to your body is something that most researchers agree on. Without being too extra, proteins are very important to the normal functions of our bodies.

As much as a high number of people eat proteins to reduce chances of suffering from deficiency, you cannot deny the fact that higher consumption of proteins is a better option. Here are some of the benefits of incorporating proteins to your diet.

  • Reduces hunger levels

There are three types of foods that we have today: proteins, carbs and fats. Each of these foods affects our bodies in a different way. However, researchers have shown that proteins are by far the most filling type of food. Even with less food, you will be able to fill full almost an entire day.

That also means that, with proteins, you don’t necessarily have to eat a lot of food to keep your appetite at bay. Therefore, if you replace your fats and carbs with more proteins, you will be able to reduce your weight without having to stay hungry all day.

  • Increases strength and generally muscle mass

I’m not saying that going to the gym regularly will not give you that muscle weight. But if you want to see better results, then you should consider adding a little more protein into your diet plan.

Eating just the right amount of protein regularly will help you maintain your muscle mass and at the same time increase your strength. If you are trying to increase your muscle mass, the don’t forget to incorporate protein foods.

  • Reduces your blood pressure level

One of the major causes of death in the entire world is strokes, heart attack and chronic kidney disorders. However, if you increase your protein intake levels, you will have a drop in your blood pressure levels.

That will help you avoid such problems and in the end, lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

  • Weight loss

As you’ve figured out by now, proteins will help you reduce and maintain your weight. That’s because high levels of proteins in your food will lead to an increase in your metabolism.

It will also lead to a reduction in your regular cravings for food. The best part is that you will almost lose your extra weight instantly with a good protein diet plan. And, of course, losing weight is only the beginning. You will still need to find the best way to maintain your new weight.

Therefore, adequate intake of proteins will help you maintain your weight hence making your new weight permanent.

  • Helps in Body repairs

Proteins are also known for helping in your recovery in case of any injuries. That is why this type of food is the best option for anyone going to the gym. The intense exercise you are exposed to in the gym tends to cause injury to your muscles. But when you take in proteins, you will have a faster recovery time. That said, a good protein meal is essential after going to the gym.