The Best Weight Loss Diet

The Best Weight Loss Diet

The Best Weight Loss diet 2019

The Best Weight Loss Diet

We all might have watched the reality show named the biggest loser on NBC TV and that might have brought you here. So are you ready to eat and train yourself as the contestants did?

The only difference, in this case, will be that you won’t be having cameras around you 24 hours. The show is off air now but the idea of it still remains in the minds of the people.

You can clearly understand that the main motive behind following this diet is to lose weight, get stronger and feel better. In this diet, you will have to eat balanced meals, control the portion of food and exercise for six weeks.

In this diet, you will have to eat four servings of vegetables and fruits, three serving of protein foods and two serving of whole grain.

Keep in mind that you should not intake more than 200 calories of extras. However, your meals should have 45 percent of carbs, 30 percent of protein and 25 percent of it should be fat.

The biggest loser diet not only promises to reduce body fat but even prevent and reduce the risk of high sugar levels. Researchers state that this diet even reduces the risk of cancer, Alzheimer and dementia. Not only this, it even helps in boosting the immune system.

How Does the Biggest Loser Diet Work?

Biggest loser diet is a new diet to the world of diets. It is actually a weight loss process to have a healthy and fit body. In general, this diet is based on a special food pyramid and to sweat out calories.

However, if you are aiming to get on with this diet, then here are some tips that you can take a note of for your beginning days.

  • Make sure to intake one or more fruit or vegetables in every meal. Moreover, include protein-based food such as eggs, chickpeas, beans, and chicken breast.

  • Limit your whole grain intake. Two servings are more than enough.

  • Intake of 200 calories is the limit and do not exceed beyond that.

The biggest loser diet is all about portion control. As long as you can control your potions you will have a good time with the diet. On the other hand, exercise is even important to shed the calories so that the fat inside the body burns at a faster ratio.

What Can You Eat?

Most of the food items that you will intake in biggest loser diet are lean protein, protein, and dairy. For instance, you can go for fruits, vegetables, whole grain, nuts, and beans.

Before starting the diet, you must have a clear idea about the biggest loser pyramid. This pyramid is something like 4 3 2 1. This might seem a bit confusing but it is actually not.

To clearly understand this, you must intake 4 servings of fruits and vegetables, 3 serving of lean protein, 2 serving of whole grains and 200 calories of extra.

There are foods that are low in calories and more in fiber, try to intake these types of food so that you can feel full for a long period of time. Eat five to six meals per day as it will keep both your hunger and blood sugar in moderate level.

On the other hand, the intake of alcoholic drinks is highly discouraged in this diet. Moreover, you should drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day.

Is It Good for Health?

The biggest loser diet is developed for the reason of reducing weight. Obesity is a major matter of concern around the globe. Nowadays people are more inclined towards junk and fast food that they forget what harms they are bringing to themselves.

But to bring this to an end this diet is a solution that you can opt for. But what good does this diet bring?

Obesity leads to many other health complications like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and even cancer. When the weight is maintained, this even means that the other problems are even been balanced.

So while you follow this diet you can have control over these diseases. The biggest loser diet includes the consumption of whole grain that contains saturated fat and salt and this even good for the heart as well.

This diet is good for health if it is maintained in a systematic way. At the initial stage, it might seem to be the hardest on but it will gradually be fine when you get used to it.

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