What is Gymnastics ?

What Is Gymnastics

Gymnastic- a sports that includes number of exercises as well as body stretches. Being a challenging sports, the difficult movements and extensive maneuvers demands strength, flexibility, agility, balance and coordination. It is usually performed on specialized apparatus, with sequences of movements that requires the awareness about kinesthetic as well as endurance. It may include aerials, handstands, cartwheels and split leaps.

What people do in gymnastics?

Known to be the recreational activity and a competitive sport, a majority health conscious people today perform exercises of a different kind that develops or displays physical agility as well as coordination. The exercises are said to involve exercises performed on balance beam, uneven bars, horizontal and parallel bars, floor and vaulting horse, etc. As performed by everyone today, gymnastics are three different types including, artistic, rhythmic and trampoline.

  • Artistic

One of the most common type that involves both men and women competing on several equipment such as rings, parallel bars and uneven bars.

  • Rhythmic

As the name defines, rhythmic is a kind of gymnastics in which all the gymnasts are found on the same floor mat, making use of ribbons, hoops, ropes and various other equipment.

  • Trampoline

This kind of gymnastics include the discipline of gymnastics as per which gymnast perform their routine task over the trampoline and ending up the flips on every bounce.

Besides the above mentioned, people across the globe are also fond of group gymnastics and acrobatic gymnastic.

Why was gymnastics invented and by who?

Gymnastics have been an early practice in ancient Greek especially during the wars where major activities such as jumping, discus throwing, running, boxing as well as wrestling takes place. These assist in developing muscles that are needed for hand-to-hand combat, including methods for mounting and dismounting horses along with a variety of circus performance skills. It also became a central component of the ancient Greek education that was also considered as mandatory for all the students. This was lately turned into military training and lately declined. Hence, forgotten for centuries.

Lately in 2018 and 2019, modern gymnastic was invented by the two physical educators namely Friedrich Ludwig Jahn and Johann Friedrich Gutsmuth. Hence, known as the “father of gymnastics” as the introduction to parallel bars, balance beam, pommels, horizontal bar, etc. took place. By the end of 19th century, men gymnastic became much popular and became part of first ever modern Olympic games that were held in 1896.

Gymnastic facts

When learning about gymnastics, you may feel something incomplete unless you know the facts as below;

  • Gymnastic- a word derived from “gymnos”- a Greek word meaning nude/naked.
  • Gymnastics competition in the ancient times took place without having any cloth on the body.
  • In order to jump over, bulls were used other than vaults during the ancient gymnastics.
  • Gymnastic was officially declared as a part of sports in the year 1862.
  • In the year 1962, the very first instruction in US was offered at Mount Holyoke.
  • With regards to Olympics, the introduction of gymnastic took place in the year 1896.
  • For women, the first Olympics competition took place in 1928.
  • The eight distinctive event from gymnastics that became part of Olympics included; floor exercise, uneven bars, vault, parallel bars, balance beam, rings, etc.
  • As a rule of Olympics, some of the practices were only for men while some were only for women.
  • For men only; horizontal bars, rings, pommel horse and parallel bars
  • For women only; uneven bars and balance beam
  • For both men and women; vault competition and floor exercises
  • For the gymnast, there was a separate uniform manufactured using leotard. It was everything from form-fitting to comfortable and endlessly ease of movement.
  • Gymnast are said to make use of chalk in order to improve the grip, keep the hands dry and absorb extensive sweating.
  • Some of the hard gymnastic moves are named after exceptional gymnast.
  • Different gymnastic types include different equipment as below;
  • Rhythmic- includes hoop, ball, clubs, rope and ribbon
  • Trampolining- includes Double mini trampoline, individualized trampoline and synchronized trampoline
  • Acrobatic- group of gymnastic sports for both men and women
  • The famous American gymnast of all time is Shannon miller which an achievement of 2 gold medals, three bronze and two silver medals.
  • The career to become a gymnast starts as early as two years old.

Gymnastics for kids and toddlers

For kids and toddlers in the 21st century, parent believe that physical exercises are equally important as their development as an intellectual nurturing. This becomes the core reason to help them take education regarding the physical activities. Hence, toddler’s gymnastics teaches more than somersaults.


With regards to the toddler’s gymnastics, the small challenges for kids assist to develop self- confidence. Hence, referred to as one of the best gifts any parent can offer their kid as it is just the self-confidence that can impact every child in numerous ways throughout their life. So are you looking forward to help your child in gaining more of the self- confidence or open opportunities for them in the nearby future? Choosing to make your child be a part of toddler gymnastic opens unique world of possibilities.


Believing that the major issue with a toddler while learning gymnastic is listening and following up the instructions. Making them learn this is therefore much challenging. In order to instruct them to listen to what needs to be done is itself a job as it begins the process of thinking among the toddlers.

When you send over your preschooler for learning gymnastic, it produces circumstances where both learning and listening can be practiced.”


Below are some of the benefits achieved when you allow your kids to learn Gymnastic;

  • Determination and confidence

The basic rule of gymnastics is to practice it regularly. It requires setting of goal and working hardest to become a successful one. One of the focused and determined gymnast would master the challenging move. Letting your child learn gymnastics would make him/her feel more confident as soon as they learn new moves.


  • Physical and mental improvement

Concerning the sports- gymnastics, letting the children practice it assist the child in developing body awareness. Alongside improving the coordination of the body, it also assist in understanding the various functions of the bodies.


  • Social benefits

Making children participate in this sport will make them manage stress and learn sportsmanship at a very early stage. It further develops a child’s stamina to take both physical and emotional challenges. When sending over your children for gymnastic, you are letting them go social and learn and recognize social skills such as respecting others, listening moral awareness as well as taking out turns.

Since gymnastics practices are more like a hands- on- class, your kids would always have the benefit of meeting other children of their age and interacting with them. Thereby, improving major communication skills. Find the best school for your children as gymnastics is a said to be one of the challenging sports. Must learn about the facilities and experience trainers before you let your child get admitted.What is Gymnastics