What is Piloxing

Piloxing is the New Fitness Trend

With so many fad diets and fitness farces, it can be really hard to find ways to get fit that really work. Tedious gym training sessions can make you bored and lose the motivation to exercise and get fit. That’s why Piloxing, a fun and intense workout that creates lasting results might be the workout for you!

What is Piloxing and who is Viveca Jensen?

It’s more than just a funny word. As you may have already guessed, Piloxing is a type of exercise that combines Pilates and boxing, as well as elements of dance. Developed by Swedish celebrity trainer Viveca Jensen in 2009, Piloxing has taken the world by storm as a high-energy, fun, interval workout. The classes are taught in a group setting, making it perfect for friends who like to workout together or fitness newbies that want to make friends.

Viveca Jensen started her career as a dancer, earning a degree from the Stockholm Ballet Academy then moving to Los Angeles where she expanded her renown into commercial dancing, hip hop, and jazz. She had dancing roles in musicals, concert tours, and music videos before branching out into fitness as an aerobics instructor.

Jensen then moved into pilates, completing a Master’s Level Certification and opening her own extremely exclusive pilates studio in Los Angeles, where celebrities, professional athletes, and other LA fitness nuts can learn Jensen’s unique pilates training methods. She is also a boxing enthusiast and trains with the best of the best World Championship boxing coaches.

The birth of Piloxing in 2009 allowed Jensen to combine her three fitness passions: dance, pilates, and boxing. Since then, more than 20,000 instructors have earned their certifications from Jensen’s Piloxing academy in LA. The Piloxing company is now a global leader in group fitness and Jensen herself has become an inspirational icon for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle and empower themselves to be their best.

One of the really awesome things about Piloxing is that it makes boxing more feminine, encouraging women to strengthen their bodies with power training. While the pilates aspect creates longer, leaner muscles, the boxing helps to sculpt the arms and upper body while releasing tension. The majority of the movements involve a lot of core work as well, making Piloxing a total body package. While you stretch, pump, and kick your way through the awesome music, you’ll be training your body to increase control, coordination, endurance, and flexibility.

Pilates & Boxing: The Roots of Piloxing

In order to better understand Piloxing, it’s a good idea to look at the roots of this great new fitness program. As the name so cleverly combines, these exercises take parts and principles from both pilates and boxing.

Pilates is a well known type of exercise that is all about control. In fact, when it was first developed by Joseph Pilates after World War I, he originally named it “Controlology”. Now it has grown into a global phenomenon, and we give credit to Mr. Pilates by naming this exercise after him.

Lots of exercise companies and pilates camps differ on just how many core principles of pilates there are; some have as many as eight. But the three main principles of pilates are control, centering, and breath. Pilates isn’t just about physical fitness, but it has a lot to do with your mental states as well. By thinking about your breath, you can better control your movements. Other principles include concentration, precision, flow, alignment, and integration.

Boxing is just as controlled and centered, but with much more aggression. While most of the benefits of boxing manifest in sculpted arms, shoulders, back, and core, there are great mental health benefits too. What’s a better stress reliever than throwing punches? One of the biggest benefits of boxing for fitness is the way it releases tension to help you relax and focus, as well as the release of endorphins (our feel good hormones). Another plus to boxing is that it helps you develop hand-eye coordination while you learn to throw punches. And although most people believe the power comes from your arms, you actually draw a lot of strength from your legs and hips, making it a full body workout.

What Piloxing Actually Does for Your Body

Now that you understand a bit more about where Piloxing comes from, let’s talk about all the great things it does for your body. Because of the different types of exercise it combines, there are tons of different benefits from Piloxing, both for your body and your mind.

First and probably foremost, Piloxing is an all out cardio workout. Because it’s an interval training, your rate will be going up and down as you flow between fast intense movements and more controlled movements. This is great for your heart because the heart is a muscle, so it needs to be worked too. One of the great benefits of cardio exercise is that it lowers blood pressure, making you healthier and less stressed.

Because pilates and boxing are both heavily core focused, you better Piloxing is a core crusher. Building your core strength not only gives you incredible abs, but it also improves your posture and relieves lower back pain. While looking good is always a positive, feeling good is even better.

While you’re moving and punching your way through your Piloxing workout, you’ll also be toning your muscles. Think of Piloxing as the Michelangelo of fitness. These energetic workouts will sculpt and chisel your body into the goddess (or god) that you’ve always held within. And these won’t be short stocky muscles either, the pilates will see to that. The movements in your Piloxing workout will lengthen your muscles, increasing your flexibility, and preventing potential injuries due to muscle stiffness.

The high intensity nature of the workout also increases your stamina. Piloxing workout like this one from Viveca Jensen herself are typically an hour long. While your Piloxing for 60 minutes, your muscles are strengthening and your body is building up its endurance. The more consistently you go, the more energy you’ll have.

But Piloxing is about more than just bodily wellbeing, it’s also really great for your mind. Like any regular exercise, Piloxing is great for relieving stress and improving sleep. Exercise of any kind releases endorphins in our brains which just make us feel really good about life. As you grow stronger in your fitness, you’ll also be gaining self-confidence; not just in how you look, but also in learning just how much your body is capable of and how strong you really are. You’ll leave each class with a strong body, mind, and positive body image. And because Piloxing is a group exercise, you’ll be building social connections as you meet new people or bring friends along to workout with you!

Interested in Trying? Here are Some Types of Piloxing Workouts

Like what you’re reading and thinking of giving Piloxing a try? There are actually four different types of Piloxing workout programs under the Viveca Jensen Piloxing brand. Each of the programs offers all the aspects of Piloxing, but in different doses so that there’s something for everyone!

Sleek, Sexy and Powerful

The SSE program is the original Piloxing workout designed by Jensen. It’s the first every Piloxing program offered, and it’s still the most popular class out of the four. The constant switching between the three types of exercise (Pilates, boxing, and dance) makes for a dynamic and exciting workout, keeping you and your mind on your toes.


For the ballerina, the Barre Program focuses much more on the dance portion of Piloxing. Those that have tried a typical barre workout before know how difficult this is, but this class is barre with a punch. That’s right, you’ll be doing your plies, but with a bit more action. This workout is gentle and low-impact, but it creates lasting long term effects that will tone and lengthen your muscles with grace and poise.


If you want your Piloxing workouts to be more hardcore, then this is the program for you. Knockout is the boxing focused Piloxing class. Each class is 30 minutes of high-intensity plyometrics and drill conditioning. The plyometrics feature explosive movements and lots of jumping, while the drills condition your muscles to build stamina. There’s still plenty of pilates to engage your core, and each class will increase your flexibility and muscle stability. Jensen describes this program as the sporty one of all her classes, so be prepared high-energy workout.

The Mix

The newest addition to the Piloxing family, Mix is another dance centered class that encourages participants let loose and get lost in the rhythm. This class pumps throwback jams and hits from today’s charts for a workout that’s high-energy and super fun. Designed by LA choreographers, The Mix is an upbeat workout great for connecting with friends and feeling the beat of the music you know and love.

Now You’re All Set to Get Piloxing!

Having learned all the basics, you’re ready to get started Piloxing your way to your fitness goals! You can search for Piloxing classes near you, or try at home with videos like this one that’s a great way to learn Piloxing for beginners. Remember to train hard, have fun, and feel great. Happy Piloxing!